Back in control

07th October 2020

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been discussing the need to put together a brand-new business plan for the Coronavirus era…

So that after months of uncertainty and crises, you can regain some control over where your business is heading…

And instead of feeling like you’re constantly scrambling to react to events, you can start taking considered, deliberate steps to grow.

Working to a well-thought out plan isn’t just “a good idea” right now.

In today’s crazy environment, it’s absolutely critical to your success.

So if you haven’t done this, why not?

If you are like most business owners, there are probably two reasons…

1. You’re too caught up in the day-to-day running of your business. Yes, you know you need a good plan to work to… In fact, you’d feel so much more comfortable with one in place!

The problem is, you’re just so busy with client work or serving your customers… Dealing with staff issues… Fighting fires…

You never get round to the really important stuff, constantly working “in” your business rather than “on” your business.

2. It just feels so overwhelming. Where do you start, putting together a business plan, when there’s so much to reconsider… circumstances are so changed… and events are still moving so fast?

So the business plan never gets done (not formally… and not comprehensively, anyway).

And you continue being buffeted by events…

Feeling out of control…

Making it less and less likely that your business will get where it needs to go this coming winter…

And feeling less satisfied with your work, your role, your day, with every passing week.

Like I said, getting a new strategic plan drawn up is critical. And we can make it happen for you quickly.

Our Just One Day programme is simply the most effective business planning session you’ll ever participate in.

After spending the day with myself and my team, you’ll know exactly where you want your business to go over the coming months – and we’ll make sure that these goals align with your personal goals as well.

And you’ll also have the headline actions that you need to get there – no matter what Coronavirus (and Brexit) throws at us, because we’ll consider those challenges too.

Committing to this session forces you to take time out of your business to consider the strategic issues which are really key to your future.

In fact, I’m confident that the second you say “Yes!” to Just One Day you’ll already feel relief that this crucial task is in hand. You’ll feel energised, too, because putting together good plans for your business is exciting!

To make this even easier for you, you’ll come to our offices (in a socially distanced environment), so you can get away from your normal environment and pressures, and really focus on your future.

The session itself is extremely structured – so instead of feeling overwhelmed, you’ll feel calm and in control.

We’ve done this many, many times, and have a proven process to crystallise your goals, map out the challenges you face…

…And put together a practical, useful plan to get your business where you want it to go.

Not just practical and useful, by the way – but financially sound. As accountants and finance directors, this is always top of our concerns. There is simply no point putting together a plan which doesn’t make financial sense!

Our presence is critical, both to give the financial side enough weight…

And because outside input is extremely useful to bring new ideas to the fore, and to challenge your thinking. (Something we’re great at :))

Plus, since you’ll be attending with your directors or shareholders, it is often useful to have a neutral 3rd party to keep everyone focused and to facilitate discussion.

Previous participants routinely tell us that this session has quite literally changed their lives, giving their business clear direction and giving them the confidence to forge ahead.

For the first time in many months (or maybe ever) you’ll feel completely in control of your business, focused on exactly where you want to go – and what needs to be done to get there.

If that’s the kind of result you’d like to see, get in touch with me today to find out more about Just One Day

…and the magic it can create for you, and your business.

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