Christmas in July

07th April 2021

Now that we’ve had Easter…

…I’m preparing for Christmas in just 3 months’ time.

Not a joke. This year, I hope to have Christmas in July.

You see, it’s been months since we’ve seen our children in person.

I know we’re not alone in this, but it’s the first time in many years that we didn’t have Christmas together.

And our plans to celebrate my wife Thelma’s “big” birthday with our friends flying in from Australia have come to nothing.

So when we’re finally all allowed in the same room again, we want a bit of a bash.

I got the idea of Christmas in July from our Australian friends.

Christmas Down Under is at the height of summer, and many people have their Christmas lunch on the beach. So expats who want a “traditional British Christmas” apparently do it all again when it’s winter in the Southern Hemisphere - in July.

We’re planning to have a tree, presents, crackers - everything but Christmas jumpers (although with British weather what it is, maybe we should consider that too?).

I have the feeling it’s going to be one of the most memorable “Christmases” we’ve ever had - a real morale booster after the most difficult year.

And that’s why I’m planning to do something similar for our team as well. They’ve worked so hard over this past year to keep our clients’ finances in order, under stressful working conditions.

I want to thank them and give them something fun to look forward to…

So maybe we’ll have a belated Christmas “party” or take everyone to see a show in London, just as soon as conditions allow.

I know this isn’t my normal kind of business advice (and I promise to get back to financial management issues next week), but your team might love something like that as well.

They’re probably tired and frustrated too. And rewarding your team and building a positive office culture is an important part of running a grown-up business.

So can you do something special for them, when restrictions loosen further?

I’m willing to share my eggnog recipe…



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