Do you know what you're missing?

12th December 2018

Recently, someone we work with completed her first 10K run. She had been jogging regularly since the summer, so she knew she could complete the distance.

And she was pretty proud that she finished the race.

Still, she was a little mortified that out of around 500 runners…… She came third from last.

Back home, she went online to find out how she could improve her time for the next race.

It was a lightbulb moment.

Simply jogging regularly wasn’t enough, she discovered. Serious runners have a proper training routine to develop different skills, like strength and speed.

She had just been running for fun, so she was completely oblivious to the way most runners prepare for a race.

The problem is, it’s hard to know what you’re missing if you’ve never experienced it.

I see it in business the whole time.

If you are turning over £1 million to £2 milllion, and still managing your finances the way you were when you were much smaller, chances are that you sense that something is wrong.

You might suffer from big fluctuations in your cashflow.

You might not be confident the numbers your accountant gives you are accurate.

You might have experienced some financial disasters, like an unexpected VAT bill or too many clients who don’t pay on time, leaving you with a big hole in your bank account.

Or maybe you just feel that you don’t have enough financial information to make well-founded decisions for your business.

You’re probably aware that larger companies don’t run their finances the way you do. And that as your company grows up, your financial management needs to grow up too. But what changes do you need to make, to upgrade?

What systems and processes do you need in place, to stop your financial management holding you back….

…..And get it to run really smoothly, and even aid your growth? If you’ve held a senior position in a corporate, you might have some inkling.

You’ve probably heard words like “monthly management reports” and “cashflow reports” bandied about. You have definitely experienced some of the stringent processes that ensure the company’s money is handled correctly.

But if you have only ever worked for yourself or in another company of around the same size….

Then you probably just won’t know.

It’s hard to know what you’re missing, if you’ve never experienced it.

We do know, though. Helping companies turning over £1-£2 million put in place all the financial processes and systems that corporates take for granted is what we do.

We not only help them avoid financial disasters, but show them how to use their numbers to grow way beyond £1-£2 million, to £5 million, £10 million – and beyond.

And we can do it for you, as well.

If you want our help professionalising the way your business manages its finances, get in touch now.

We’ll help you figure out what the gaps are in your financial management – and fix them for you, too.

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