Your plan for 2021

06th January 2021

Do you know your revenue goals for 2021?

And do you have a specific plan to reach them - one you’re completely confident about?

In normal years, too many businesses would answer “no”. Surveys show that only around a third of business owners ever draw up a formal business plan.

When you’ve built up a decent business, the temptation is always to ‘wing it’.

You might naturally think you can continue on the path you’re already on - and see your business thrive.

But there’s always a price to pay when you’re not working to a plan.

Worst case scenario, your marketing and operations are unfocused. You have no strong direction to pursue. As owner, you get drawn into working ‘in’ the business rather than ‘on’ the business.

Your business shrinks.

Best case scenario, you do grow - but more slowly and with more difficulty than necessary. You miss good opportunities. You make too many mistakes. You’re constantly fire-fighting.

You wonder why growing this company feels so difficult rather than thrilling and exciting (like it used to be in the early days).

This year, I’m betting there are even more businesses than usual going into the new year without an updated business plan.

Brexit, Coronavirus and the economy are all creating so much uncertainty…

2021 feels unplannable.

But to act on that feeling would be the very biggest mistake you can make.

When the external environment is so unstable, you need a plan more than ever.

It might not look like the kind of business plan you’ve drawn up in the past.

It may be more short-term. It may be more tenuous. It may include several routes to success, depending on what unfolds.

But this is the toughest business environment most of us have ever encountered.

Going into this year without mapping out how you’re going to grow is like entering a battle without a battle plan. It leaves you vulnerable and at the mercy of others.

Simply having thought through some likely scenarios gives you a starting point - and that’s an enormous advantage.

Even if you have to tweak your plan, you’ll have a clearer idea of where you need to get to and some options for getting there.

Your decisions for your company will be more purposeful, better thought-out and more successful.

And you’ll be calmer and more in control - because you won’t have to scramble every time something fundamental changes. You’ll have your roadmap to refer to.

So if you’ve reached the first week of January without a plan for the first months of 2021, it’s essential you draw one up.

You need to do it now, before you get caught up in day-to-day work and a month or two goes by…

…And before you know it, it’s February or March, and you’re still ‘winging it’ through the most challenging year.

But you don’t have to do it alone.

If you’re an ambitious business owner who’s determined to make 2021 your most profitable year yet, we’re here to help.

I’ve cleared space in my diary this month for 5 virtual planning sessions.

During these focused sessions, I’ll personally work with you to set realistic goals for the next few months, and map out the challenges you may face and the best way through them.

Together, we’ll start developing a strategy to help you grow your revenue and profits, no matter what this year throws at us.

You’ll start managing the risks you undoubtedly face during 2021, and zero in on the key steps you need to take to thrive.

It will be the most worthwhile session you’ve ever participated in. Because we look at everything through a financial lens, we are laser focused on the actions that drive financial growth.

It could easily be the difference between your business struggling this year - or just about getting through it…

…And forging ahead with purpose and with confidence.

Best of all?

The normal investment for these intensive online planning sessions is £600.

That is incredible value-for-money. I’m sure you’d pay many times that for a roadmap to succeed during the greatest financial crisis of our times.

But because I love my subscribers and I want you to be able to start off the year on the best possible foot, you’ll be able to get your session for just £300.

You’ll have to hurry though.

This 50% saving is limited to five company owners.

Unfortunately, I have to be really strict about the number of sessions I can offer at such a deep discount. I’d love to offer them to more people, but I really only have space in the diary for 5 sessions this month.

So don’t miss out.

To apply for your session, contact me and tell me a little about your goals for your business this year.

I’ll get right back to you.

Looking forward to helping you grow during 2021 –


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