Our Approach

Have you ever wished that your accountant was more proactive?

Of course you have. Everyone does.

The problem is that it’s beyond their remit to volunteer suggestions about how to save money and budget properly, to plan your financial future, and give you deep insights into your true financial position.

That’s what a Finance Director does. And that’s what we do for you, too.

Our work with you always begins with one simple question: “What financial information do you need in order to run your business better?”

Then we not only supply it, but work closely with you to make the best possible financial decisions for your company.

Who Do We Help?

Move your business from ‘infancy’ to ‘adolescence’ - and beyond

The companies we help typically turn over £1-£10 million, and are in a period of high growth, perhaps hiring new staff, buying new equipment or moving to new premises.

The way you handle your finances must change too, because the processes you put in place when you were turning over £300,000 will let you down when you’re turning over £2 million.

You can read a few case studies here.


We think of it like this. Every business falls into one of these three stages of development:

Bookkeeper, Accountant and Finance Director

Infancy – These are owner dependant companies generally turning over less than £1-£2 million. They are there to provide income to their owner, who does a lot of the work him or herself. Financially, they are often managed in a haphazard way, with few robust systems in place, little planning and budgeting and often inaccurate numbers.

Adolescence – These are companies generally turning over £1 million - £10 million. The owner attempts to professionalise the way the company is run, building and managing a team that becomes responsible for service delivery. They institute systems which help the company run smoothly – including financially.

Maturity -- Typically £10 million+. The procedures and systems the business owner instituted allow the business to operate without their input. If they wish, they can withdraw from the business, or focus entirely on strategy. The business is all grown up!

If you’re entering or in the stage of adolescence, and are ambitious for your business to reach maturity, then you’re a great candidate to work with us.

What’s the difference between a book-keeper, accountant and finance director?

Watch Garry's explanation

How will the Outsourced Finance Department work with my bookkeeper or accountant?

The Bookkeeper is responsible for processing transactions such as invoices. This basic data must be processed correctly, so that reports that use this data are accurate and valid. If you put garbage in, you'll get garbage out!

The Accountant takes the data produced by the bookkeeper, and produces reports which look at trends and benchmark performance. They also query discrepancies.

The Finance Director interprets the reports produced by the accountant, using them to suggest strategy for the business and help the business owner make sensible financial decisions.

Bookkeeper, Accountant and Finance Director

When you work with Insight Associates, we can provide all three parts of this pyramid, conveniently packaged together. We can manage all your finances for you, start-to-finish.

Alternatively, we can work with your in-house bookkeeper or accountant, supporting their work while we act as your outsourced finance department.

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