When you make decisions about the future of your business, do you properly understand the financial implications? Or are they, to some extent, based on gut feeling and guesswork?

Our Finance Director service is there to help you take better, more strategic decisions, because they are based on clear, accurate financial information.

This service is for you if you want your in-house bookkeeper or accountant to continue managing day-to-day functions like invoices, payroll and processing invoices. However, you want guidance and support from a financial expert who can act as your sounding board in all matters financial.


As a business owner, you know your work inside out. But you don’t necessarily have the financial background or skills to understand your company’s financial position in-depth and the financial implications of every move you take.

It is frustrating, because it holds your business back.

That’s why every corporate relies on a finance director who can help the business leaders understand the financial side of their company. But there’s no need to wait until you’re a big corporate. This is a service you can have today, giving you a competitive advantage.

Specific tasks might include:

  • Ensuring your cashflow is smooth
  • Giving you input on financial strategy
  • Forecasting your financial performance
  • Preparing a budget that achieves your goals
  • Monthly management accounts
  • Helping you plan ahead
  • Presenting financial data to your Board
  • Overseeing financial compliance

Outsourcing your finance director services to Insight Associates gives you a competitive advantage. You don’t just get the skills and experience of one FD, but of an entire team. And we are not only technically competent, but get to know your business inside out as well, so our advice is tailored to your specific circumstances.

But that’s not all. Here are other benefits you enjoy:

  • Confidence in your financial data
  • Management accounts that aid decision-making
  • Robust accounting processes you can trust
  • Turnkey processes and systems
  • Clear financial plans and budgeting
  • Focus on long-term planning and development
  • Strategic business input
  • Cost control
  • Access to funders
  • Support when you make key decisions
  • Get a financial sounding board
  • Stakeholder relationship management

If you have a really strong business, you might still grow without a finance director.

But you are unlikely to reach your full potential. You may grow more slowly than you should. You’ll make more mistakes along the way. You won’t anticipate crises. When you come to sell, your business may not be worth what you hoped.

And the toll on you, the business owner, is heavy.

It is enormously stressful having to grow a business without clear financial data, without proper financial planning and without anyone you can turn to for reliable financial advice and guidance.

  • Financial inexperience delays growth
  • You miss bargaining opportunities
  • You invest in the wrong places in your business
  • You miss warning signs when things go wrong
  • Investors lack confidence in the figures
  • It is difficult to plan ahead properly
  • Too much financial fire-fighting
  • Finances take up too much of your time
  • You doubt your own decisions

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What our clients have to say…

This is way beyond the relationship we've had with an accountant. It's added enormous value to our business.

Alan MacGregor
Real Group

Garry not only uses his accountancy skills, but also his experience to guide and mentor without being condescending or arrogant.

Chris Price
General Manager, North Yorkshire Moors Railway

It has freed up a lot of my time, enabling me to focus on other areas of the business, knowing that the financial area is totally taken care of.

Michael van de Weg
CEO, IMMJ Systems

The bottom line is that they have delivered a high degree of professionalism to our finances and work with our organisation in a seamless way.

Kirsten Giles
CEO, Medic Alert

We now have the kind of management accounts we were used to in corporate life and can make decisions quickly and with confidence.

Bill Howie
Variation Holdings

It has allowed me to scale the business with much more confidence.

Michael van de Weg
CEO, IMMJ Systems

Garry is also a businessmen in his own right so he can empathise with the complexities and stresses associated with managing a company.

Chris Price
General Manager, North Yorkshire Moors Railway

The information included in the management accounts is invaluable.

Kirsten Giles
CEO, Medic Alert

Now we can plan ahead

There are many people who are talented in their field, however Garry is a talented individual that is also able to teach which is a rare thing indeed.

Chris Price
General Manager, North Yorkshire Moors Railway

Insight Associates is a state of the art one-stop organisation that provides year-round continuous support for its clients.

John Hendy MCMI
Director, John S Hendy & Associates

Not only does Garry give fantastic financial support and advice but even in the toughest times he manages to lift spirits and makes what could otherwise be a journey down a dark road feel like a walk in the park

Steve Richards
Managing Director, Dynamo Limited

They deliver what they say they do. They are also very pleasant to deal with and I particularly appreciate that I do not have to continually chase them about anything.

Tony Gadsby
Chairman, Medic Alert

You are the best!

Volker Heil
Senior Vice President, Finance, RLE International

Garry has the seemingly simple ability to turn the complexities of accountancy into a form of words that simple muggles can understand.

Chris Price
General Manager, North Yorkshire Moors Railway
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