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The Outsourced Finance Department

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What is an Outsourced Finance Department?

A one-stop shop that performs every financial function of your business. From humble day to day transactions and processing; through to the interpretation of Key Performance Indicators and strategic development.  Here are some examples:

  • Cashflow Management
  • Sales/Purchase Ledger Processing
  • Credit Control/Payroll Processing / Payments
  • Statutory Returns / Compliance
  • Management Accounts / Financial Management
  • Strategic Development / Finance Director Input

Why do you need an Outsourced Finance Department?

  • The Outsourced Finance DepartmentYou can’t be fully in control of your business unless you are confident your finances are fully under control.
  • If you get too distant from the finances, you’re at risk of overlooking potential threats to the business.
  • If you get too involved - opening post and chasing debtors, you can’t be working to optimal effectiveness on the business‘s future.
  • Timely, relevant, quality data will help you make informed and effective business decisions that provide a vital foundation to accelerate the profitable growth of your company.

The finance team that your business deserves is one that will get all the finance administration right, plus provide you with up to date financial information and strategic input and interpretation to put you in control of your business and on top of your game. 

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How can an Outsourced Finance Department benefit my business?

Whatever the size of your company and wherever you are based, The Outsourced Finance Department will act as part of your team, working to make your business succeed. You get:

  • A responsible proactive friendly finance team working for you.
  • Less financial worries and reassurance.
  • Invaluable commercial experience from our knowledgeable skilled staff.
  • Your accounts maintained on our online hosted accounting package, with access for you if required.
  • Greatly improved financial control of your business with confidence in data accuracy.
  • Added value through advice and interpretation on how to maximize profits and minimize losses.
  • Expert management & advice at an attractive cost.

For most companies, it’s only possible to access the invaluable advice and expertise of an experienced finance manager when they are much bigger and well-established and can have their own in-house team.

  • Insight Associates are Chartered Certified Accountants with over 20 years’ experience. 
  • Our outsourcing model enables us to reach developing businesses with a turnover of £1M+ and offer them the expertise they need to accelerate their profitability and growth.
  • Through building a long term relationship founded on trust, you will benefit from our independent advice and support as your company grows and develops.
  • Insight Associates offer a tailored solution depending on the needs of your business, ranging from a complete outsourced service to supporting your in-house team.

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Keep up-to-date on all aspects of accounts, finance and managing your business efficently.

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