This one question determines the value of your business

03rd July 2019

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been discussing how important it is to develop solid systems, so that your business can run without you.

You need to be able to disappear for a few weeks or months…. Or even exit your business entirely….

While the business still runs like clockwork.

It feels counter-intuitive, I know, to essentially set up your business for someone else to run...

…but THAT is exactly what gives your business its value.

Not high profits, not the size of your customer base – but the quality of your systems.

Future buyers will only pay serious money for your company, if they know that YOU are not essential to its functionality or success.

Want to know how well your systems are working - and how valuable your business really is?

Answer this single question to find out:

How long could you go away for, without your business suffering?

a)     A few days

b)     About a week

c)     One month

d)     Two months or more

Your answer determines the true value of your organisation... and in my next email, I’ll share which of these is the benchmark of a valuable business.

And if you’re eager to get started right now building better financial systems for your business, get in touch with me today.

We’ll help you map out exactly what financial systems you need in place to run smoothly – and then help you implement them, so you build your business’s value.

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