Why Richard Branson doesn't fly Virgin's planes

28th April 2021

In the past month, Richard Branson has sold 5.5 million shares in Virgin Galactic...

Announced that he’s opening a new Virgin hotel in Glasgow next year...

And opened a new Caribbean island up for holiday makers - a steal at £12,000 a night.

You have to wonder how he has the time to make these executive decisions when he’s busy flying all those planes and making the beds at his hotels.

What, you say?

The idea of Richard Branson greeting the guests at his Caribbean island is ridiculous...?

There’s simply no way that the CEO of a big multinational would get involved in such minutiae, because his entire empire would grind to a halt?

You’re right. It would be completely untenable, because there are plenty of people who can make the beds, man reception and fly the planes (with the right training).

But there’s only one Richard Branson, capable of giving his company the strategic vision and direction it needs to thrive.

But here’s the thing.

Having the CEO do the day-to-day work isn’t just unrealistic in a company the size of Virgin.

It’s unrealistic for your company, too.

After all, there are many people who could be trained to manage your client accounts and suppliers successfully...

...Or to coordinate your marketing or appoint a brilliant new IT company.

But as founder or CEO, you’re the only one who can make the big decisions about your company’s future...

...Like which markets to pursue, which products or services to develop, and how and when to expand.

If you’re not fulfilling that role, no one is - and your company is being held back.

I know it’s not easy. When you’re running a smaller company, you don’t have a team like Branson’s to take care of every detail. You might feel like everyone needs to pitch in, yourself included.

Or perhaps you care so much about your customers, you want to serve them yourself. As the founder, there’s no one who can take care of them like you can!

So you end up drawn into the daily grind of your business...

...and the strategic work that should be at the heart of your role is constantly pushed off to another day or another week.

I see this again and again with business owners running companies turning over £1 million, who approach us about their financial management.

They tell me that they have to personally check that the figures their bookkeeper has given them are correct...

That they need to supervise payroll...

That they spend their weekends chasing invoices or paying company bills...

Sometimes they’re even doing their entire accounts themselves!

They’re not experts at this accounting work. It stresses them out.

And every moment they spend double-checking their bookkeeper’s numbers is a wasted moment they could spend on developing their business.

It makes no more sense for them to handle their finances than for Richard Branson to fly his planes himself.

So if you’re in that situation, get in touch with me today by replying to this article or calling us on 01279 647 447.

We’ll do your accounts to world-class standards, and you’ll never have to double-check or worry about accuracy again.

You’ll save hundreds of hours each year.

And you can put all that time to good use, doing your real job as CEO - ie finding ways to grow your company.

What’s more, we’ll make sure that happens.

Perhaps for the first time ever, you’ll get timely reports about your company’s financial situation, forecasts of where you’re heading financially, help creating budgets for the future, and in-depth analysis showing the financial implications of all the big moves you’re considering.

And you’ll work with us personally to make sure you thoroughly understand your company’s financial situation, and use that information to make better decisions for your future.

CEOs like Branson take this kind of financial management for granted. It’s what helps them achieve greatness.

And while it’s unlikely you’ll become owner of a company like Virgin, we can help you build the exact company you’ve always dreamed of.

Click here to email me right now, and make it happen.

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