Woolly Mammoths and other ramblings ....

04th August 2008

We are very fortunate at Insight Associates to have a great loyal and committed team, who all have tremendous talents and are totally focused on providing our clients with a quality service. Everyone makes a great contribution to enable us to deliver to our clients, and as in any team each have a role to play.

One long standing member of our team is Shirley Hoy our Office Manager. As well as being a great and talented administrator Shirley is also phenomenally creative and the following piece written by her is a great example of this ... I would never have been able to see this connection ...

"I watched a television programme on the history channel last night detailing the struggles that early humans went through for survival around 10,000 BC and it got me thinking about how some things haven’t changed.

The programme mentioned an area of America that had naturally occurring tar pits (where oil pushes up through the ground) creating what they affectionately termed ‘naturally occurring carnivore traps’. These tar pits had been excavated and revealed a huge selection of beautifully preserved bones from woolly mammoths and giant sloths to sabre-tooth cats.

What happens is an animal such as the woolly mammoth accidentally stumbles into one of these tar pits where they get stuck and die. The dead or injured animal’s carcass attracts attention from carnivores such as the sabre-tooth tiger looking for their next meal. That animal falls into the same trap and dies and the circle continues.Woolly_Mammoth%5B1%5D.jpg

Starting or growing your own business can be full of pitfalls. You are merrily getting on with what you do best and then all of a sudden you find yourself in a sticky situation and you’re not sure how you got there or how to get out.

That’s why you need to make sure you surround yourself with people who can bridge these gaps in your knowledge to help you get over the sticky situation before you get bogged down.

There are some businesses who have faced difficulties in the past and have just about managed to scrape through because the economy has been buoyant.

However, with the current economic downturn and the dreaded credit crunch (where borrowing cash is increasingly difficult) things may not be so easy next time around. That’s why it’s vital you understand why your business keeps heading for the ‘dark side’ and give yourself the tools to fully understand the hazards of your environment and avoid the pitfalls.

So, don’t stick with your Neanderthal accounting practices – try using the Outsourced Finance Department to help you through the here and now so you can be assured of a bright future."


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